Extension of healthy life expectancy through the maintenance of motor function


Basic Concepts

In an era where aging is becoming more prevalent, there is an expectation that sports can extend healthy life expectancy (the period one can live without limitations in daily life due to health issues). Mizuno is committed to maintaining the quality of life for each individual and enriching their lives. Moreover, in an effort to reduce the social burden of medical expenses, Mizuno will strive to maintain the physical function of the senior generation through sports, thereby contributing to the extension of healthy life expectancy.

Mizuno elderly people healthy exercise program

The Mizuno elderly people healthy exercise program was developed by Mizuno and is based on the three concepts of being doable, enjoyable, and maintainable.

LaLaLa Fit

LaLaLa Fit is a self-weight exercise program designed to help people train body parts, such as muscles and joints, which they use in their daily life. The program aims to help people reinforce their sense of balance by using Mizuno's functional tools and also use muscles that are not being used daily.

LaLaLa Circuit

LaLaLa Circuit allows people to train their balance, muscles, and brain at their own level and at their own pace with help from trainers. This program is designed for people who want to exercise hard. The program aims to activate both the body and the brain with a dual task exercise comprising a muscle workout using hydraulic machines and a rhythmic, aerobic exercise.

LaLaLa Circuit Lite

LaLaLa Circuit Lite aims to also activate the brain with a dual task exercise comprising self-weight training and a rhythmic, aerobic exercise. This program is designed for people who want to enjoy a light workout.

Regional collaboration in extending healthy life expectancy

Mizuno is actively involved in care prevention projects and initiatives for specific health guidance recipients being carried out by municipalities across Japan. These efforts are aimed at those who perceive high barriers to going to fitness facilities, and Mizuno works to create opportunities for them to engage in exercise. In the classes, techniques such as group work are used to foster community building among participants and to encourage continued physical activity at the designated management facilities where the programs are conducted.

For FY 2022, Mizuno plans to hold 25 care prevention projects nationwide. The aim is not only to encourage participation in care prevention classes but also to ensure that, after the classes are over, the participants themselves can undertake exercises and master exercise routines that they can continue to follow.

Promoting the spread of Mizuno Active Leaders

Mizuno holds training sessions for everyone involved in administering elderly people exercise programs, which help participants become Mizuno Active Leaders able to help elderly people acquire a basic knowledge of the body, essential to exercising, instruct elderly people based on a training program, and give demonstrations. Training sessions for cultivating Mizuno Active Leaders grant completers with licenses, which certify that the holder is aware of what points he / she needs to be careful about when helping elderly people exercise and is able to instruct elderly people on how they should train their muscles and perform stretching exercises.

NPOs, sports associations, and companies have so far acquired the Mizuno Active Leader license and begun helping elderly people exercise at facilities in their own communities.

Performance of Mizuno’s healthy life expectancy extension programs

Name of Session Unit FY 2019 FY 2020 FY 2021 FY 2022
Walking training sessions This is a walking lesson that can be easily undertaken even alone. It includes proper posture, walking techniques, rehabilitation exercises, and toe stretches, making it accessible even for elderly people who may find exercise challenging. Number of Facilities 38 27 34 37
Number of Participants 2,801 2,866 2,984 2,620
LaLaLa Fit Please refer to the descriptions under the heading "LaLaLa Fit" above. Number of Facilities 23 28 33 38
Number of Participants 17,684 10,389 14,674 16,437
LaLaLa Circuit Please refer to the descriptions under the heading "LaLaLa Circuit" above. Number of Facilities 2 2 2 5
Number of Participants 6,028 1,876 4,672 8,513
Shakeen (Improving one’s posture) This is a posture improvement program. It mainly focuses on core training and uses Mizuno’s original exercise tools. Number of Participants 1,020 1,184 2,218 3,605
image:Walking training sessions

Walking training sessions

image:LaLaLa Circuit

LaLaLa Circuit

Cultivating care prevention leaders in collaboration with the government

Mizuno collaborates with local governments to train care prevention leaders for the community. Incorporating elements of the Mizuno Active Leader program, Mizuno conducts training sessions and provides on-the-job training at core facilities, along with support to help trained leaders thrive in their respective communities.

In a collaborative project with Habikino City, Mizuno has trained 106 health support volunteers at four locations within the city, contributing to community-led health initiatives. In the fiscal year 2022, the residents led a total of 2,318 classes at four locations within the city, with a total of 21,082 class participants.

Future issues to be addressed

Mizuno is advancing the development of products such as clothing and equipment for seniors, whose bodily functions may decline due to aging and muscle weakening. These products apply the motion analysis technology used on athletes.

Furthermore, Mizuno plans to create training programs that can be easily carried out at home, catering to those who may struggle with physical activities or those who find it difficult to leave their homes. The goal is to develop a sense of enjoyment from using these tools and help evolve it into a habit of exercise.

Additionally, Mizuno aims to promote the spread of Mizuno Active Leaders, with the goal of helping everyone create communities through exercise. The focus is on supporting daily body-building and health improvement activities within local areas, allowing for a more active and enjoyable lifestyle.